More BlackBerry N-Series Images Surface

Remember this little guy? It was Christmas Eve when Mr. Blurrycam gave us a look at this keyboard-equipped BB10 prototype. Skip to the present, and N4BB has apparently come across news images of it, minus the fuzz.

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Samsung’s New Flagship Model GT-I9500 Could be the First TIZEN Device

It’s been reported recently by SamMobile that the model number for the new Flagship handset by Samsung will be the GT-I9500 and the GT-I9505, the latter possibly being the LTE version. The Galaxy S III’s model number is GT-I9300, so this could be the new Galaxy SIV, though it’s doubtful that will be the name. This new handset could be the much anticipated first TIZEN device.

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Two Blackberry 10 Devices Parts Leaked

As the date of releasing RIM’s new mobile devices–Blackberry 10 handsets is coming soon, more slipped-out materials are on internet now. A couple of days ago, a picture from UnwiredView shows an all-touch device named Blackberry Z10 in both white and black color.

From reliable sources, ETradeSupply has got two digitizers and a digitizer and LCD assembly from two different Blackberry 10 phones.

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Apple’s iPhone 4S VS iPhone 5 in Sales Volume

The latest news shows that shares of Apple were down more than 25% last month from a September high of $705.07 as investors began to panic about Apple’s future. The stock has bounced back slightly since late November, however a new report questioning Apple’s biggest money-earner could sour investor sentiment yet again.

The analyst trimmed Apple’s iPhone sales estimates by 5 million units this fiscal year, and iPad sales estimates were cut by 2 million units. But the most alarming part of his note comes in the form of an observation from his supply chain sources.

“Some of our Chinese sources do not expect the iPhone 5 to do as well as the iPhone 4S,” Millunovich wrote.

The UBS analyst sees iPhone production dropping to 25 million units in the first calendar quarter next year, which doesn’t bode well at all for June-quarter sales. Apple could get an early pick-up in 2013, however, as earlier reports suggest Apple might launch a refreshed iPhone 5S next summer.

Rumored iPad Mini II Rear Shell Leaked

The Chinese Forum WeiPhone posting lots of photos of what rumored iPad mini II Rear shell. From the photos, we can judge that Second-Generation iPad Mini Rear Shell Surface is similar to that of the current iPad Mini, when look at these photos from different views, we find it suggests a little thicker. Now we can’t get that if its obvious increased thickness is a smart design change needed to add a Retina display and accompanying battery improvements to the device or if it is simply a bit of an optical illusion due to the fact that the edges of the shell have not yet been chamfered as they are in the final product.

The photos also show a bright blue Apple logo and “iPad” text on the rear shell, but it is likely that this is simply part of the process used to create the mirrored logo and text as seen on the current product.

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LG and Google Are Surprised By the High Demand for the Nexus 4

Posted by ETrade Supply on December 7th, 2012

Google’s first smartphone hit the market strongly even without LTE. According to CNET UK, the Nexus 4 manufacturer LG find its company is having a hard time meeting the huge market for the new smartphone.

ETrade Supply -- LG Nexus 4

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