Rumored iPad Mini II Rear Shell Leaked

The Chinese Forum WeiPhone posting lots of photos of what rumored iPad mini II Rear shell. From the photos, we can judge that Second-Generation iPad Mini Rear Shell Surface is similar to that of the current iPad Mini, when look at these photos from different views, we find it suggests a little thicker. Now we can’t get that if its obvious increased thickness is a smart design change needed to add a Retina display and accompanying battery improvements to the device or if it is simply a bit of an optical illusion due to the fact that the edges of the shell have not yet been chamfered as they are in the final product.

The photos also show a bright blue Apple logo and “iPad” text on the rear shell, but it is likely that this is simply part of the process used to create the mirrored logo and text as seen on the current product.

Source: ETradeSupply


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