Samsung Unveils Youm Flexible OLED Display Tech at CES 2013

Samsung Youm flexible display

Just as we have reported that Samsung was ready for something new at Consumer Electronic Show 2013, Samsung expectedly unveiled its Youm flexible OLED display tech on the second day of CES in Las Vegas, which is nothing short of eye-catching.

It’s said that Samsung is making use of OLED to give the screens what it says are deeper blacks and a higher overall contrast ratio with better power efficiency than traditional LCD displays. A flexible display prototype at first appeared to be an ordinary phone. However, it was able to fold out and transform into a tablet. Flexible displays will allow manufacturers to make bendable, rollable and foldable displays for mobile devices. The technology will be marketed under the name Youm, but Samsung did not reveal a price or release date for Youm. It is expected to reach consumer devices in the coming years.

Are you looking forward to a mobile device with the flexible display?


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