Samsung Galaxy S Series Phones Sold over 100 Million Units

100 million galaxy s series phones sold

Different from Apple’s strategy of occupying the smartphone market only with iPhone series, Samsung currently has two hot devices-Samsung Galaxy S series and Samsung Galaxy Note series, which means Samsung may have more opportunity to obtain the smartphone market share. What’s more, according to the report from Forbes, Apple’s iPhone seems no longer cool to teens since iPhone as a device for older people, while Samsung is indeed a formidable competitor and Samsung Galaxy S III appear fresh and new.

The latest news from Engadget revealed that Samsung Galaxy S series phones have now sold over 100 million units. Just two years and seven months after the first Samsung Galaxy S hit the market, Samsung has made the line extremely popular with those looking for an alternative to the Apple iPhone. Since then, the Galaxy S II has sold over 40 million units, doubling its sales since February. Meanwhile, by November Samsung Galaxy S III had sold 30 million units, while Galaxy S III mini contributed to the big number too.

Confronted with the pressure from Samsung and other competitors, will Apple take some new measures to change the tough situation?


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