HTC M7 Leaked Parts

 HTC M7 Housing Parts

Last week we came across a couple of parts which may be from the not yet released HTC M7. Whether these parts would be for the final version or just a prototype, we can’t be sure. But here are the facts. One part is a rear housing. It looks very similar to the HTC DNA but without the metallic buttons and camera ring as you can see in the photos below.
HTC M7 Back Cover
HTC M7 Back Cover
This new piece is 7cm wide and 13.7cm tall. It has a flat black finish all over the back of the housing, but the sides are a glossy black. Around the edges there’s a hole for the USB at the bottom, a hole for the earphones on top, a power button on top left, volume key on the right side, below this towards the bottom is another button for the camera, and on the left side a slot for the SIM card. Sadly the inside doesn’t feature something we saw on the DNA, the rubber gasket. So can’t drop this one in the toilet. Have a look at the photos to see any other details. The BeatsAudio logo on the back makes it a little less likely it’s a prototype. But I guess we’ll find out for sure in a few weeks.
The other part we have is the front housing. Not too much to say about this except it seems the LCD will be the expected 4.7 inch, as would fit nicely the empty space. It’s impossible to measure for sure, because the LCD goes under the bigger front glass which will fit in the empty space. Have a look at the pictures for details. It does snap into the rear housing very nicely and tight.

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