iPhone 5S LCD Assembly Photos Leaked VS iPhone 5 LCD Assembly

iPhone 5S LCD Assembly Photos Leaked

According to fanaticfone’s images and descriptions, including a comparison with the iphone 5, the LCD assemblies are very similar. The iPhone 5S it appears will have a longer flex cable and the front housing seems like it will have a few small differences than its predecessor. There is also a noticeable sensor hole in the top right where there used to be a screw hole.  Aside from these little differences, it looks like there aren’t going to be any big surprises with the new iPhone 5s.


iPhone 5S Rumored to Feature Sapphire Crystal Home Button

iPhone 5S Rumored to Feature Sapphire Crystal Home Button.

According to TechNews, the fingerprint sensing home button rumored to be on Apple’s next-gen iPhone will be a capacitive touch-sensitive button covered by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, instead of a touch-sensitive virtual button. The source added that iPhone 5S is expected to arrive this summer along with the rumored low-cost iPhone.

Rumor: iPad Mini Display Production Increased and Next-gen Display Already in Development

iPad mini

Rumors from new supply chain revealed the latest information on the iPad mini display and the possible display of the next-gen iPad mini. News from China showed AU Optronics, Apple’s supplier, has not only boosted production of current generation iPad mini displays, but has begun production on a display for the next-gen iPad mini.

The report comes from DigiTimes, and says that “yield issues throughout the second half of 2012” meant that AU Optronics couldn’t produce enough iPad mini displays, leading to fewer shipments than Apple had originally estimated for the tablet. But, production has increased; AUO has increased its iPad mini display yield to 1 million panels per month.

The report also mentions that AUO is “working on panels for Apple’s next-generation iPad mini”, which is expected to launch later this year with a Retina display. But no details about the iPad mini 2 display were supplied in the report.

Source: ETradeSupply