iPhone 5S Rumored to Feature Sapphire Crystal Home Button

iPhone 5S Rumored to Feature Sapphire Crystal Home Button.

According to TechNews, the fingerprint sensing home button rumored to be on Apple’s next-gen iPhone will be a capacitive touch-sensitive button covered by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, instead of a touch-sensitive virtual button. The source added that iPhone 5S is expected to arrive this summer along with the rumored low-cost iPhone.


iPhone 5S Rumored to Come with Higher-megapixel Camera and Higher-end Processor

The latest news from DigiTimes revealed that the Apple’s next-generation smartphone components will start shipping at the end of May, and the new iPhone 5S has an opportunity of showing up in the third quarter. According to many previous rumors hit the website that iPhone 5S will be announced in July or June, and many people said Foxconn is currently preparing to ramp production on the iPhone 5S and that it may come equipped with a fingerprint sensor.

Based on its latest specification data, the DigiTimes also revealed that iPhone 5S will not receive a big change and may just be a slightly upgraded version of iPhone 5 (iPhone 5S), and iPhone 5S is expected to feature a higher-end processor as well as higher-megapixel camera modules.

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iPhone 5S and Cheaper iPhone to be Released in August

Apple has plans to launch multiple new iPhone models this summer, according to a new report. Citing claims made by Barclays Capital analysts, Chinese-language tech blog EMSOne reported on Friday that Apple will launch its next-generation “iPhone 5S” alongside the much rumored low-end iPhone model this coming August. The report claims that both Foxconn and Pegatron will be tasked with manufacturing the new entry-level iPhone, which may include a 4.5-inch display and a polycarbonate case according to an earlier report. Apple’s iPhone 5S will supposedly feature a design similar to the current iPhone 5 but with various new color options and other tweaks.

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Purported Photos Show Components for Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 6

Around two months ago, the purported iPhone 5s the rear housing was leaked on the web. Now new photos of parts not only for iPhone 5S, but also for iPhone 6 surfaced again. The purported mages that are claimed to be the parts for the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6 have been published by a French website. The images, which claimed were coming from a source connected to an Apple supplier that makes the components, allegedly are of the loud speaker module for the Apple iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6.

Purported iPhone Parts

One picture shows what the parts look like the louder speaker unit from the iPhone 5. However, that is uncertain that the parts pictured are destined for upcoming iPhone versions based solely on the images.

Purported iPhone Parts

According to the site, nowhereelse.fr, Apple will rollout three versions of the iPhone in 2013 with the Apple iPhone 5S providing an incremental update before major changes are made on the Apple iPhone 6. A third model, called the Apple iPhone Math or the Apple iPhone +, would offer a large sized version of the phone, possibly 4.8 inches, to compete with Android phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note II.
The additions to the iPhone line would also come with alterations to Apple’s release schedule, according to the report. One of the rumored models would launch between March and July of this year, while a second would be released near the end of 2013. Besides, a cheaper version of iPhone was rumored to be released later in 2013.

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Apple’s Next iPhone (iPhone 5S) to reportedly Feature New Display Technology

ImageIt’s said that the display Apple uses in the iPhone 5 could be replaced as soon as this year although iPhone 5 is just a few months old. It has been reported that the current panel’s in-cell touch technology where both touch sensor and display are embedded in one panel has been causing interference problems with the touchscreen, which is also part of the reason behind recent supply shortages. According to a report from The China Times, Apple will upgrade a new technology for the next iPhone — possibly “touch-on display” tech from panel maker Chimei Innolux, which Apple last year listed as one if its component suppliers. The technology is said to be both thin and durable, and it will offer better touch sensing capabilities than the current in-cell display. From all the iPhones, we can see display technology has been a major feature of the iPhone, which is also one of the most expensive parts of the iPhones.

‘iPhone 5S’ Rumored to Launch with More Color Options and Display Sizes

The next iPhone

More rumors about “iPhone 5S” emerged in the new year as the Samsung Galaxy S4 9.1mm metal body leaked. Any news about Apple and Samsung can always draw our attention.

Topeka Capital Market analyst Brian White has been conducting some supply chain checks, and what he sees is that the so-called Apple iPhone 5S will offer consumers some real choices when launched. White says production on the next Apple iPhone beginning in March/April with the product launch due in May/June.

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