iPhone 5S Rumored to Feature Sapphire Crystal Home Button

iPhone 5S Rumored to Feature Sapphire Crystal Home Button.

According to TechNews, the fingerprint sensing home button rumored to be on Apple’s next-gen iPhone will be a capacitive touch-sensitive button covered by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, instead of a touch-sensitive virtual button. The source added that iPhone 5S is expected to arrive this summer along with the rumored low-cost iPhone.


Apple’s Next iPhone (iPhone 5S) to reportedly Feature New Display Technology

ImageIt’s said that the display Apple uses in the iPhone 5 could be replaced as soon as this year although iPhone 5 is just a few months old. It has been reported that the current panel’s in-cell touch technology where both touch sensor and display are embedded in one panel has been causing interference problems with the touchscreen, which is also part of the reason behind recent supply shortages. According to a report from The China Times, Apple will upgrade a new technology for the next iPhone — possibly “touch-on display” tech from panel maker Chimei Innolux, which Apple last year listed as one if its component suppliers. The technology is said to be both thin and durable, and it will offer better touch sensing capabilities than the current in-cell display. From all the iPhones, we can see display technology has been a major feature of the iPhone, which is also one of the most expensive parts of the iPhones.

Apple’s iPhone 4S VS iPhone 5 in Sales Volume

The latest news shows that shares of Apple were down more than 25% last month from a September high of $705.07 as investors began to panic about Apple’s future. The stock has bounced back slightly since late November, however a new report questioning Apple’s biggest money-earner could sour investor sentiment yet again.

The analyst trimmed Apple’s iPhone sales estimates by 5 million units this fiscal year, and iPad sales estimates were cut by 2 million units. But the most alarming part of his note comes in the form of an observation from his supply chain sources.

“Some of our Chinese sources do not expect the iPhone 5 to do as well as the iPhone 4S,” Millunovich wrote.

The UBS analyst sees iPhone production dropping to 25 million units in the first calendar quarter next year, which doesn’t bode well at all for June-quarter sales. Apple could get an early pick-up in 2013, however, as earlier reports suggest Apple might launch a refreshed iPhone 5S next summer.